About Lumunos


Dr. Larry Wood

wood-larryI am a physician who practiced both outpatient and hospital internal medicine for many years in Littleton, Colorado before becoming the Chief Medical Officer at Littleton Adventist Hospital. I have also been on the clinical faculty of the University of Colorado Medical School, teaching medical students how to improve their communication and relationships with their patients. Through all my professional activities, I’ve learned the importance of healthy and resilient physicians to the quality and safety of patient care. A Lumunos Physician Colleagues program at Littleton was part of our efforts to reconnect our medical staff with the joy of practicing medicine and caring for patients. After I retired as CMO in 2015, I am pleased to be able to continue this important work with Lumunos.

My wife and I have two adult children and three grandchildren. We enjoy all that is wonderful about life in Colorado.

Julie Moore-Felux, PhD

I am an Associate Professor of English at Northwest Vista College, in San Antonio, where I teach composition, rhetoric, and American literature. I also serve as a facilitator for Courage and Renewal in Higher Education, based on the Courage and Renewal model. I am walking my own path toward living a whole-hearted life, and I am deeply rewarded by my work with educators, physicians, and leaders who wish to engage in critical reflection and connect to their inner calling. I completed my doctoral studies in Curriculum and Instruction at New Mexico State University, where my scholarship focused on personal narrative and the development of the self among transformative educators. Through my work as a scholar and facilitator, I have learned that our stories are powerful sources for self-discovery and connection with others. As Carl Jung said, “who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes.” I believe that we can draw wisdom from our stories to awaken to who we truly are.

Dr. Peter Hulac

hulac-peteI joined the Lumunos team late in 2015 after retiring from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where I was a neonatologist and also an associate faculty member of the Center for Bioethics and Humanities. I found great satisfaction in my medical career, and one of the sources of that gratification was good and effective relationships with my physician peers. So it has been a natural to join with Lumunos to help other physicians become more resilient and collegial.

I have been married to my Barbara Hulac, for 45 years, and we have three adult children and five grandchildren. I enjoy traveling and growing dahlias and grafted tomato plants.

Sally Van Duyn

I have worked to enhance the lives of people and organizations throughout my professional life as a medical social worker, educator and for the last twenty-five years as the principal in my own professional consulting practice. The focus of my practice is Change and Leadership, and facilitating partnerships. We serve both public and private sectors with a depth of experience in healthcare, education, and aerospace. And while I continue to do consulting work, four years ago I followed my heart and began a non-profit organization, Mini Horse Helpers, where we partner with miniature horses to work with abused and other at risk children  building trust, self-esteem, and other key life skills.  Helping people, organizations and these children grow and learn is a privilege, and I always grow in the process as well.

I live on a horse farm in Central Texas. I am married and I have two incredible adult daughters  of which I am most proud.

Dr. Paul Michalec

michalec-paulI am a Clinical Professor in the Morgridge College of Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning Sciences at Denver University. In this role I teach classes in the Foundations of Education and supervise apprentice teachers in the Teacher Education Program. As a facilitator, I am trained as a Courage to Teach facilitator hosting retreats for K-12 educators, health care workers and religious leaders designed to renew their inner calling to teach/lead. I find the wellness dialogues with physicians renewing and engaging because of the striking similarity between the professional challenges/gifts of doctors and the lived experiences of K-12 educators. All of the helping professions are experiencing an intense period of societal and institutional scrutiny that threatens the heart and soul of the work. So I find it a fulfilling mission to create sacred spaces for professionals to reconnect their call to serve with the very real demands, challenges and joys of caring for others.

David Specht

specht-davidI am a professional consultant, facilitator and educator. In this capacity I serve on the faculty for Champlain College’s Master Program in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies. I am a trained mediator, certified coach, and big fan of baseball in general, and the Boston Red Sox in particular. I live in Western Massachusetts with my wife Claire, and have two adult children living in various places around the world.

Tommy Chiodo, M.Ed.

I have over 20 years experience in career counseling and coaching, much of it in the career transition (a.k.a., outplacement) industry. Out of personal experience, I have come to appreciate the essential significance of internal motivation in career discernment and in discovering career satisfaction. I am a trained facilitator in the principles and practices of Courage and Renewal, a process designed to provide space and opportunity for personal discernment.  Along with my group facilitation work in personal discernment, I maintain a private career consulting practice, True-Self Career Services, which focuses on helping individuals determine the key personal parameters in determining meaningful and fulfilling work, and then coaching them in how to find jobs that meet those parameters.

Betsy Perry

perry-betsyFor eight years I was the Director of Operations and Development at Lumunos. Before that I served as the CEO of a retirement community in Michigan, professor of nursing, and fundraiser. Although I recently retired, I am enjoying the opportunity to help Lumunos continue to grow in new and old directions. All these past roles give me a unique perspective on an organization that I have grown to love.

My husband Russ and I plan to travel extensively in our retirement, including visiting our children and grandchildren across the country.


Doug Wysockey-Johnson

Executive Director

wyscokey-johnson-dougI have been the Executive Director at Lumunos for over 15 years now. Along with overall management of the organization, I particularly appreciate the daily opportunities I have to interact with the people we serve. I have been facilitating groups around the country for decades – in business settings, retreat centers, churches and beyond. My work centers on a deep commitment to helping people clarify their priorities and find their calling – and to stay connected with those ideas as they navigate the complex challenges of modern life. Through the years, I have also been busy publishing my thoughts and perspectives about this work, including the connection between living a fulfilled life and the positive impact on the communities we work in and live in.

Dan Quinlan

Business and Operations Director

quinlan-danI have had the privilege of working with many wonderful and wise people in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. From corporate board rooms to research labs tucked away in quiet buildings, I have spent years observing and supporting a diverse group of people as they have navigated the challenges of our rapidly changing workplaces.  My wife and I have two ambitious children who have started down their own professional paths. Outside of work, I have served on the Boards of several non-profits (and I am committed to doing my small part in the global effort to address climate change). These experiences have sharpened my understanding of the power of commitment and values, both in the workplace and at home.

Here at Lumunos, my responsibilities include finding sustainable avenues for bringing our work to a wider and wider audience. My day-to-day activities also include “keeping the trains running on time.” My educational training includes an M.B.A. from Columbia University, a M.S. in Physics from Pennsylvania State University, and a B.S.E.E from the University of New Hampshire.

Mark Vickstrom

Regional Director

Within the established area of physician well-being and beyond to other industries, my primary focus is business development. I’m a bit of a renaissance man with an entrepreneurial spirit. I practiced securities and business law with Denver’s Holland & Hart; founded Colorado Capital, an SEC-registered investment firm; and pastored St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. This diverse background in law, finance and theology gives me a broad skill set with which to help Lumunos develop and realize its own entrepreneurial, multi-disciplinary potential.

In addition to helping grow businesses, I love to help people grow into their best, true selves. I’m an experienced group facilitator, and am privileged to work with multiple Lumunos groups in Colorado and Texas. I’m also part of a design team working to provide wellness services to physicians in rural Colorado.

Lastly, I’m a family man. I’m married to Anne, a writer and designer, and we have three children, Will, Elizabeth, and Caroline. I love sports, am a sometime musician and actor, and spend way too much time reading! Both Colorado natives, Anne and I make our home in Evergreen, located in the foothills of Rockies, and probably enjoy the mountains most of all.

Alice Barbera

Administrative Support

Professionally speaking I enjoy numbers. Throughout my career, I have had the good fortune to work in a variety of diverse organizations, from advertising to manufacturing and many others in between. I enjoy the precise nature of numbers and also how they can be interpreted providing valuable information as to the fiscal health of an organization. This precise attention to detail also serves me well in my artistic endeavors. Having been a potter for many years, I know the importance of skill and professionalism. I’m glad to be at Lumunos now—this taps into my desire to find meaning and wholeness in my life. I also look forward to being a part of helping other people find their calling.